Put your books in browsers

with robust content protection

With Cloudshelf Reader, users simply sign in to your Cloudshelf with accounts they already have and immediately read their ebooks on any device. Bookmarks and reading locations are automatically synced across all devices, and there is no lengthy wait for a file download. No special software is needed.


Also, unlike traditional ebook distribution platforms, Cloudshelf Reader has no transaction based fees, so you can budget with the confidence of known costs.

Why Cloudshelf Reader?


Before Cloudshelf Reader, getting ebook content to your audience was a mess. People had to download specialized software and sign up for third-party user accounts. The download process was confusing and error-prone, and users often ended up confused, frustrated, and needing help.


Finally! a Solution to ebook Babble

Cloudshelf Reader gives your audience convenient online access to EPUB and PDF content with a world class content protection system approved by the largest publishers.

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