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We are a team of designers and developers that are passionate about the power of mobile devices and cloud computing to transform how people tell stories, share knowledge, empower employees and educate students with digital publications. We believe that every organization should be able to take advantage of the innovations in ebook distribution and reading technologies that are too often accessible only to the largest tech companies. Our mission is to harness the power of these technologies – for everyone.



What We Do

Bluefire helps businesses and institutions worldwide deploy mobile applications, server software, and cloud services for the distribution and consumption of ebooks and other forms of digital publications. We currently license technologies to over 120 organizations in 30 countries, spanning retailers, publishers, libraries and wholesalers. We are the creator of Bluefire Reader, the popular mobile ereader application used by millions of people across the globe since 2010.


Bluefire is a co-founder of the Readium Foundation, an open source software organization collaboratively developing technology to accelerate the adoption of EPUP3 and the open web platform by the digital publishing industry. As an active member of the IDPF and W3C, Bluefire also participates in open standards working groups. Our latest technology initiative is Cloudshelf, an all-new platform of mobile ereader applications and cloud services for accessible EPUB3 digital publications that support video, audio, rich formatting, and interactive content. Contact us today to learn more at info@bluefirereader.com.



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