With our white label applications you can rapidly publish your own custom, company-branded eReading apps.

It's quick and easy to publish your own app. Customize it with your own app icons, logos, splash screens, company colors, tab icons and more. Then its off to the submission process. Your app can be up and available in as little as 2 weeks.

Bluefire White Label Readers for iOS and Android are the go-to reading applications for ePUB and PDF content, including ebooks from most online book stores and leading libraries around the world. Bluefire Reader includes support for eBooks protected by Adobe® Content Server.


Features at a Glance

Support for ePub and PDF

Bluefire Reader supports ePUB, the leading industry standard for reflowable content where a book's text is optimized for display on any screen size. For fixed layout content we also support PDF where the page layout of a book is always maintained.


Adobe DRM

Bluefire Reader supports Adobe eBook DRM because it's become an industry standard across a wide variety of booksellers and public libraries. Adobe DRM allows you to transfer books that you've purchased from many different booksellers between your reading devices and personal computers.


User Settings

Bluefire Reader was designed with the reader in mind. We have included many user settings to customize your reading experience including: font size, brightness, page margins, night mode and more.


Embedded Web View

Our apps include an embedded web view that you can use to integrate your mobile web store so your customers can easily discover, buy and download new titles. You can also give customers access to their previously purchased ebooks. Use the embedded web view to interact with your customers and build loyalty through special promotions, informative blogs and more—all from within your branded app.

Bluefire Powered Reader Apps


Bluefire Reader App

Download the full feature Bluefire Reader brandable whitelabel app and imagine the possibilities.

Download BFR for Apple iOS

Download BFR for Android

Customize Your Branded App
Integrate your brand and personalize your app. The Bluefire white label platform enables you to change the following elements:

Application Icon

The application icon is the icon that appears on the Home screen of the device. It's essentially your logo. Your customers will tap the application icon to launch your app.


Splash Screens

The splash screen is the first image that appears when your app starts up, and during sign-in.


Application Background

The application background is the primary image in your app. It appears in the background of the user's library and appears on many other screens within the application. It can either be displayed as a solid color, a gradient, or an image.


Actionbar/ Toolbar Tint and Button Colors

The toolbar tint color is the background color of the navigation bar. You can also customize the colors of the primary buttons in the app.


Tab Icons and Backgrounds

You can customize the icons in Main Menu Tab Bar and Reading Mode Tab Bar.


Embedded Web View URL

Provide us with a link to give your customers fully integrated access to their previously purchased ebooks, special promotions, informative blogs and more—all from within your branded app.

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