Get your books in the hands of your customers with branded apps—powered by Bluefire.


Ship your branded eReading apps now! The Bluefire platform is your easiest, fastest and most affordable way to launch your own branded eReading apps on iOS and Android devices. Secure your digital future and captivate your audience today.


Bluefire Reader is a proven, affordable solution for quickly creating and distributing your own branded ecommerce enabled reading applications.

• Displays ePub and PDF

• Supports Adobe Content Server encrypted eBooks

• Integrates account management

• Supports in-app purchasing on Android devices


A world-class reading experience

Bluefire branded apps deliver a feature rich reading experience. Your apps come with a full set of customizable reading settings, bookmarking, highlighting, note taking, and much, much more. Updates are included, so your apps will stay world-class.


Promote, manage and sell eBooks in-app

Connect with your customers where they read—in your branded app. Integrate your store so users can easily discover, buy and download new titles. Give your customers easy access to their previously purchased ebooks. Add a blog. The power and flexibility of the  web is in your hands.


Streamline sign-on with Adobe® Vendor ID

The Adobe Vendor ID service provides customers with a streamlined activation and sign in experience. When you implement Adobe Vendor ID on your site your customers can use their store credentials to authorize their reading app, shop and access previously purchased titles.


Flex your marketing muscles

Our apps include an embedded web view that you can use to integrate your mobile web store so your customers can easily discover, buy and download new titles. You can also give customers access to their previously purchased ebooks. Use the embedded web view to interact with your customers and build loyalty through special promotions, informative blogs and more—all from within your branded app.


Bluefire apps are built on the Adobe® digital publishing platform, the most widely used

eBook distribution system. Our Adobe Reader Mobile based apps support ePUB and PDF

eBooks, including files protected by Adobe

Content Server (ACS) encryption technology.

Bluefire Reader integrates rich catalog presentation features, including in-app

and web-based purchasing.

You can even implement lending.

The embedded web view makes it easy to integrate a blog, mobile store, or account access page—all using standard web technologies.

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